A few years ago, Aaron Hernandez made international headlines after being accused of murder. The New England Patriots star had reportedly been dealing with some shady people and ultimately got caught up with a murder charge. Hernandez was eventually found guilty and killed himself while in prison. The story remains incredibly shocking as fans simply couldn't believe that their favorite player could be engaging in such deplorable acts.

Recently, Hernandez's former teammate Rob Gronkowski was on the "10 Questions with Kyle Brandt" for The Ringer, where he was actually asked about Hernandez. As Gronk noted, he would have never guessed his former teammate was up to all that stuff but in the end, you can never really tell what's happening behind the surface.

"I was definitely shook when I heard that," Gronk said. "Because, being his teammate and everything -- you really don't see that. You're not really looking into players like that ... that's who they are, or that's what they're doing."

When the Hernandez allegations came to light, most Patriots players were fairly quiet as they didn't want to get wrapped up in a legal battle. However, now that Hernandez has passed away, it is much safer for these players to come out and speak their minds. Needless to say, it must have been weird for Gronk to deal with all of this while it was happening.

Rob Gronkowski

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images