Rob Kardashian recently settled his legal dispute with Blac Chyna in regards to the custody of their child. It seems like the reality television star is already being dragged into new drama because of his baby mama. 

Kardashian recently filed documents to dismiss a lawsuit involving Blac Chyna and her ex, Pilot Jones, whose real name is Justin C. Jones. The former couple is being sued for cyberbullying and defamation. The documents submitted by Kardashian state that he was never served the information pertaining to the lawsuit and requests that the whole ordeal be completely thrown out.

Jones is counteracting this argument by saying that the celeb received the documents by proxy. A person who is eligible to accept such documents received them in a “usual place of business or mailing address.” They were originally intended for Rob Kardashian's home in Woodland Hills, but he no longer lives there. Jones then decided to send the documents to a business address attached to Kardashian.

The lawsuit was initiated after Jones received major backlash for a photo on himself and Blac Chyna. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are said to have publicly accused Jones of leaking the picture which depicted a kissing Jones and Chyna. Kardashian and Chyna are said to have then outed Jones as bisexual in addition to sharing his personal phone number with the public. Jones received death threats as a result.