The ongoing case between Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna and her former friend Pilot Jones is still very much ongoing. The last update we posted on was that Pilot was aggressively going after Rob for threatening to hire a hitman to take him out. "There can be no reasonable argument Kardashian’s multiple direct and graphic death threats to Plaintiff are not the sort of 'extreme and outrageous,'" Pilot's team stated in court documents.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The Blast now reports that Rob has responded to the case and his defense is that Pilot never took any of threats seriously at the time, so why are they a problem now? Rob provided evidence of a text Pilot sent to him after he sent threatening texts, to prove that nothing was serious:

"This is honestly not even that serious . . . If you feel you have to send 30 ppl to beat me up to prove your manhood or whatever, go ahead. Fortunately, I am spiritual (not religious) – at any rate that doesn’t intimidate or scare me. I have done nothing but be a good friend to Chyna."

Rob is fighting to get the case thrown out further stating that the issue between Pilot and Blac was put to rest a long time ago but the need for attention in the media is what this case is about. "Plaintiff is an opportunist who filed a meritless lawsuit as a shakedown attempt, seeking a payday from Kardashian," Rob's lawyers stated.