Yesterday we reported some bizarre tweets from Rob Kardashian, bashing his family for their exclusion of Blac Chyna, and most notably, revealing the phone number of his half-sister Kylie Jenner. Today, as reported by TMZ, Rob Kardashian has fallen even further into a funk of depression and weight-gain, causing major concerns within his famous family. Rob, who is engaged to marry "Rack City" star Blac Chyna, has reportedly abandoned promoting and filming their reality show "Rob & Chyna," refusing to leave his home. According to one of TMZ's sources, "Rob is slipping back into a dark place."

Whether or not Chyna and Rob are still engaged is up to speculation, which would be a shame given how much Chyna has helped Rob in the past year. As referenced in brother-in-law Kanye West's "Highlights," Rob's relationship with Chyna helped with his weight and self-esteem issues. Apparently Rob has gained back all of the 50 pounds he lost while with Chyna. Given his diabetes and recent health scares, that weight is something he should be doing everything possible to keep off. Pray for Rob, y'all.