Last night was the NFL Draft and perhaps one of the biggest stories of the night was how Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins dropped down to the 15th overall pick after many people believed he would be a top 10 pick. Haskins ended up being taken by the Washington Redskins who need a replacement for an injured Alex Smith. When he was finally picked, Haskins had some words for the NFL teams that passed on him.

"I'm more motivated than ever, there's a bigger chip on my shoulder, the league done messed up," he said. "I'm right down the street, so we're going to do it right this time. So it's crazy."

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III was drafted second overall by the Redskins back in 2012 and after the team mismanaged an injury, they let him go. When Haskins was selected, Griffin took to Twitter to praise the young QB and also shade the Redskins by subtly urging them to not make the same mistake twice.

"You didn’t draft the young man for nothing. You did it because you believe in the young man," Griffin wrote. "You did it because you need a Quarterback. Don’t give up on him prematurely. He is your investment. Give the kid time to prove himself. Congrats young gun!!! Enjoy every second of it!"

Griffin recently signed a two-year extension with the Ravens in March and is expected to be the backup behind Lamar Jackson.