Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots and he is probably one of the most famous owners in the entire league. After winning his sixth Super Bowl this past year, Kraft was immediately implicated in a prostitution ring at a massage parlor in Florida. This immediately led to the start of a trial that there really hasn't been any closure on. At one point, it was revealed that footage from his visits could even be released to the public although luckily it never actually came to that.

Since the allegations came to the surface, it's been a pretty embarrassing time for Kraft although he seems pretty unbothered by all of it. His team is performing incredibly well right now and he stays winning. While this may be true, he hasn't been able to escape the jokes which is something that became evident during the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin. According to TMZ, actor Robert De Niro took some shots at Kraft which led to some big laughs from the audience.

"Like Robert Kraft at a massage parlor, I want my Roast to have a happy ending," De Niro said.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl again this season, Kraft will surely have the last laugh and NFL fans outside of Boston will be worse off because of it. No matter what, Kraft finds a way to stay winning.