New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was implicated in a prostitution sting at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa back in February. The allegations were fairly embarrassing as it was revealed that Kraft was caught on camera receiving sexual services. There were multiple men who were allegedly caught on camera, with Kraft pleading not guilty to two misdemeanor charges of first-degree solicitation. Since then, there has been a ton of debate surrounding whether or not the alleged surveillance tape should be released to the public. At first, it was believed that it would be revealed, although the judge decided against it.

Yesterday, Judge Leonard Hanser took it one step forward as he issued a 10-page ruling stating that the surveillance footage was taken unlawfully. Hanser explained that the police didn't do enough to protect the privacy of individuals who were receiving lawful massages.

Patrick Dove - Pool/Getty Images

"The fact that some totally innocent women and men had their entire lawful time spent in a massage room fully recorded and viewed intermittently by a detective-monitor is unacceptable,'' Hanser wrote, according to ESPN.

Essentially, this means that the video has been thrown out as a piece of evidence which creates a huge hole in the prosecution's case. On Tuesday, Kraft's legal team is expected to file a motion to dismiss the case as they believe there isn't enough evidence to convict him.

Stay tuned for updates on the case.