A temporary restraining order has been issued against singer Robin Thicke during his ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife, actress Paula Patton, over the custody of their 6-year-old son Julian, reports USA Today. Thicke must stay away from Patton, and Julian will remain in his mother's custody until a hearing on Feb. 24. Until then, Thicke will only be allowed to see Julian on monitored visits. 

The custody battle began earlier this month when Patton took legal action in an effort to mitigate Thicke's joint custody of their son. She accused her ex-husband of physically abusing their son -- citing excessive spanking -- and also mentioned Thicke's alleged problems with drinking and drug abuse.

Though Thicke admitted to spanking Julian, he was cleared of any wrongdoing by Child Protective Services a day after Patton made the accusations. Patton's effort to bring forth an investigation against Thicke was supported by declarations made by their son's school. 

Patton has since raised more allegations against Thicke, accusing him both of emotionally abusing her and her son during the custody dispute as well as physically abusing her during their marriage.

Regarding the first claim, she cited an alleged incident on Jan. 19 that she said was "terrifying" for both her and Julian. She accuses Thicke of showing up at her mother's house and refusing to leave while their son was being interviewed by Child Services. After Child Services left, Patton says that Thicke repeatedly banged on the front door while demanding to see his son, leaving only after her mother called the police. 

In bringing forth allegations of domestic violence, Patton included in her filing a fight in April 2013 during which she says she was pushed to the ground and kicked by her ex-husband. Patton also claims to have suffered abusive treatment due to Thicke's infidelity and his substance abuse. 

The pair married in June 2005, after having dated for 10 years prior. Patton filed for divorce in Oct. 2014, and the legal process was completed in early 2015. Patton also claims to have suffered abusive treatment due to Thicke's infidelity and his substance abuse. 

Thicke's lawyer, Larry Ginsberg, sees Patton's recent allegations of abuse as a retaliatory effort incited by her unsuccessful attempt at obtaining sole custody earlier in the month. "She is trying to take a second bite at the apple," he wrote in a court filing written in opposition to the restraining order. In the same filing, Ginsberg accuses Patton of manipulating her son. He also confirmed that Thicke, like Patton, will be seeking sole custody of Julian from here on out.