By now you're probably aware that Robin Thicke's Paula hasn't turned out to be quite as impressive as 2013's Blurred Lines, in terms of both album sales and reviews, but over in the UK, it failed even more miserably. 

Yesterday we received the official first week U.S. sales for Thicke's new album, which is entirely dedicated to his estranged wife Paula Patton. The singer was able to break the 20k mark, moving 22,998 units, which means he managed a debut within the Billboard 200's top 10, although barely. It seems the singer's UK fans weren't so kind, as MTV News is reporting that the UK first week sales were an astounding 530 units. That's even worse than Angel Haze's Dirty Gold.

530 units is a 98 percent drop from the debut numbers Blurred Lines sold during its first week out in the United Kingdom just last year.

[Update: 54 Copies Sold In Australia]

Yeeesh, and we thought 530 copies was a flop. Robin Thicke outdid himself (not in a good way), selling only 54 copies of his new album Paula over in Aussie land. This news comes after we learned that only 530 copies were sold in the U.K., while just over 22k was sold in the United States. Now let's bring Canada's first week sales into it-- Canadian fans scooped a few more copies than the U.K. counterparts, with 550 copies of Paula sold in Canada.

Blurred Lines debuted at #1 in both the U.S. and Britain when it dropped in 2013.