Robin Wright, star of Netflix's House of Cards, admits that she still has one regret about the way the show ended. Wright starred as Claire Underwood and took over as the lead protagonist after Kevin Spacey, who was accused of sexually harassing numerous young men, was fired before the final season

Robin Wright, House of Cards
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Wright's character became President by the end of the shows' run, but she says she wishes it came under different circumstances: “I did wish that she had been nominated as president legitimately,” Wright recently told Entertainment Weekly. “That would have been a nice little caveat to put out in the world to say, ‘See? It’s possible.'”

Wright added that she was initially apprehensive about taking the role, explaining that she was worried Underwood would simply be "arm candy."

“I don’t want to just play a woman who’s arm candy to a politician in a TV show,” she said.

She added that Director David Fincher eased her concerns: “And he said, ‘Don’t worry. It’s only the beginning, season 1. Claire Underwood is going to evolve into a very complex — if we want to say complex — and corrupt female character.'”

The final episode of House of Cards aired on November 2, 2018.