Sporting events can get extremely intense, especially when the opposing teams are known rivals. This is especially true for the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, who are two teams from Texas who have a long history against one another. Last night, the Spurs defeated the Rockets by a score of 111-106 although it was what happened in the crowd that ultimately made the news.

In the clip below, which was posted to Twitter, you can see a few fans throwing punches at each other all while screaming obscenities. It was a truly bizarre scene especially since the fans weren't wearing their masks like they were supposed to.

Following the fight, some fans took to Twitter where they described exactly what went down. One fan noted that a man in a Hakeem Olajuwon jersey was extremely upset about the Houston-San Antonio divide, which put fuel on the fire of the whole thing. Meanwhile, another fan alleged that a Rockets supporter threw beer on a man in a Spurs jersey. It was also noted that despite the heavy police presence in the building, it took about two minutes before the fight was broken up.

Overall, the whole ordeal was quite bizarre although definitely not uncommon. These types of fights are more common at hockey and football games but sometimes, when the rivalry is intense, this is what happens.

SpursRonald Cortes/Getty Images