If there is one thing the Houston Rockets have been known for over the past few years, it's complaining about the referees. Last week, the Rockets had fans around the league rolling their eyes after they were upset over a blown call in their game against the San Antonio Spurs. With around eight minutes left, Harden went up for a dunk that went through the net but went right back out thanks to a flukey set of circumstances. The referee decided not to count the dunk and the Rockets were upset. Following the missed call, the Rockets went on to blow a huge lead and lost the game.

Late last week, the Rockets registered a formal protest with the league which was hoping for them to overturn the call and have the last eight minutes of the match replayed. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, the league has ruled against the Rockets and has denied the protest.

Fans were quick to laugh at the Rockets over the decision which isn't surprising as there seems to be some exasperation when it comes to their efforts to have calls reversed. When you lose a big lead, you're typically not going to get sympathy from anyone and that's exactly what has happened here.

What do you think of the NBA's decision?