Although everything now seems to be going smoothly at Rolling Loud this weekend, the insanely popular Hip-Hop music festival suffered a minor setback when one of their stages at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens was destroyed by a giant video wall that had fallen. Fortunately, the potentially fatal incident didn't injure anyone, and everything was fixed before doors opened on Friday.

Upon hearing the news of the Rolling Loud stage collapse, however, No Jumper podcast host Adam22 appeared to comment on the situation, saying, "I blame Rod Wave."

To some fans, Adam22's comments were interpreted as a clear shot at the heavyset artist, but according to the podcaster, it was just a playful reference to his viral stage collapse last fall. In November, Morris Brown College made headlines after a massive stage collapse that endangered Rod Wave, Alexis Skyy, and the rest of their entourage. No one sustained any serious injuries during the viral incident, so there was nothing stopping fans from blaming it all on Rod Wave's weight.

Apparently, Rod Wave became fed up with the rampant body shaming that he has experienced throughout his career so far, and after catching wind of Adam22's comments about him, the "Tombstone" artist directly responded to the No Jumper host by issuing a staunch warning. "P*ssy a** cracker," Rod Wave clapped back. "Watch yo mouth."

After the tense and awkward exchange on Twitter, Adam22 subsequently went on Instagram live with Crip Mac to talk about the situation. Together, they joked about Rod Wave's weight even more, and although Adam 22 attempted to downplay the situation as a misunderstood joke.

Upon digging further into the story, however, it turns out that the entire situation was doctored by Adam22 himself. The original exchange between him and Rod Wave was reportedly photoshopped, and Adam22 has admitted to creating and sharing the misinformation himself. Hours after sharing the tweet that caused platforms like Plug Talk to cover the heated Twitter interaction, the No Jumper tweeted, "I’m offended people think that Rod Wave called me a cracker even though I helped spread the disinformation and haven’t deleted the original tweet."

The reason behind Adam22's weekend trolling efforts is unknown, but at least Rod Wave fans can rest easy knowing that one of their favorite artists isn't running around calling someone a cracker.