In a year filled with tragedy, few were able to reap the rewards of their work in spite of a pandemic. Roddy Ricch's album struck months before we ever knew about a coronavirus but it carried its way through the first lockdown. "The Box," specifically, held the top spot on the chart for eleven weeks before recently receiving even more accolades for the song as Apple's "Song Of The Year"' along with three nominations at the Grammys.

The rapper explained to James Corden that the recent blessings encouraged him to get together with his guys to create the Compton Santa Claus toy drive. After all of the success, he said it only felt right to pay it forward in his community. And even after the toy drive, he told James Corden that he continues to provide gift cards and things of that nature for those who need it the most. 

As for what he's most excited for this holiday season, the rapper revealed that he took on the responsibility of making sure he gets the gifts for the entire family. For his nieces and nephews, he managed to pull a few strings and scoop up eight PS5, leaving the late-night show host stunned.

"Hang on a second. Where are you getting eight PS5s?" asked Corden. "We can't even get our hands on one and we mention it everyday during the show," he continued before realizing that between Reggie Watts and Roddy Ricch, he's the only person out of the three who hasn't been able to scoop the new gaming console.

"I got a few guys just havin' 'em," said Roddy with a grin on his face. 

To end the segment, the rapper delivered a stellar socially-distanced performance of his single, "The Box." Check it out below.