Roddy Ricch normally manages to avoid being the focus of negative press by laying low and focusing on his music. But as of recently, that hasn't been entirely true.

Last week, reports that Ricch owes one of his former landlords $200K in rent materialized, causing quite a bit of chatter amongst his fans. On December 1, he finally chimed in on the matter via his Instagram story.

The Blast issued a report stating that Ricch's former landlord, AIM Property Investment Inc., is suing him for failing "to return the property in good condition," and for $200K in missed rent. The property, located in Encino, California, first became occupied by the rapper in April 2020, but he reportedly stopped paying his rent by July. Roddy reportedly "gave up possession" of the location in August, but unfortunately, because he had to break his lease in order to do so, the landlord is asking to be paid for the entire year, as originally agreed upon. 

"Y'all believe too much fake news," the "Boom Boom Room" rapper wrote. "Thas why I stay away from this internet sh*t."

Image via Roddy Riccch Instagram 

He followed up that statement with a mirror selfie, reminding fans what's really important: His professional achievements. "9x grammy nominated from the trenches," he wrote.

Image via Roddy Riccch Instagram