Roddy Ricch has been relatively quiet since the incredible success of his debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, and the breakout single "The Box". Aside from a few dope performances, and some highly successful guest verses, Roddy has been dominating from afar.

By the looks of it, Roddy Ricch likes keeping his space and being removed from it all - often seeming calculated with his openness to the public. Considering his success, it makes sense that he would want to keep it that way.

A few weeks ago, he shared that he would be working on something with Travis Scott. Then more recently, he let fans know how excited he was to release the music that came out of that session. Roddy has kept it real his entire career, and always seems to be just as excited about new music as we are.  

A man of few words, Roddy only tweets and posts cryptically, letting us decide what he means. A recent tweet from Roddy himself carried that same energy. He took the time to let his followers know that he thinks growth and elevation are meant to be done behind the scenes, in silence, and that the music should speak for itself in 2021.  

Hopefully, this tweet is an indication that Roddy has been quiet because he's been busy getting better; and that he will be flooding 2021 with new music

What are your expectations for Roddy Ricch's sophomore album?