Roddy White has been a staple of the Atlanta Falcons for years now thanks to his consistent play at wide receiver. The veteran NFLer was recently arrested in Georgie after a carpool violation on the I-85 on April 12th. White crossed doubled lines to enter the carpool lane and he was immediately pulled over by police. According to TMZ, White cooperated with police but when they processed his driver's license, they realized that it had actually been suspended from a prior offense. To make matters worse, there was a warrant out for White's arrest after he had skipped out on a court date for another legal incident.

Prince Williams/WireImage

White was brought to a nearby police station where he was booked and processed by authorities and then later released. His car, which is an Audi A8L, ended up getting impounded. There is no real word on what his skipped court date was about but considering his license was suspended, signs point to it being traffic-related.

Neither White nor the Falcons have commented on the situation. In many ways, his arrest is similar to that of Jaguars player Leonard Fournette who was also arrested after a routine traffic stop.