The non-call on that blatant pass interference play from the NFC Championship game has had pundits and fans alike talking about the NFL and the state of instant replay for days now. Some believe the NFL needs to allow coaches to throw a challenge flag when they disagree with a call or a non-call. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had been pretty silent through this whole ordeal but during his Super Bowl conference on Wednesday, the commish finally had to answer to the media.

In his answer regarding replay, Goodell said the league will work on a solution but challenge flags on penalty calls is probably not in the cards.

"We will look again at instant replay," Goodell explained according to ESPN. "There have been a variety of proposals over the last, frankly, 15, 20 years on whether replay should be expanded. It does not cover judgment calls; this was a judgment call. The other complication is that it was a no-call. And our coaches and clubs have been very resistant, and there has not been support to date, about having a replay official or somebody in New York throw a flag when there is no flag. They have not voted for that in the past."

Goodell also went on to say that the officials have done an incredible job and that the referees are at their best in years.