We're not sure where this lays on the 2021 Bingo Card, but there's animosity between Roger Stone and 50 Centand it somehow centers around Big Meech. We've regularly reported on the updates regarding Meech's pleas to get out of prison, and recently it was shared that he was able to shave three years off of his 30-year sentence. Meech has been incarcerated since 2007 and it's reported that he may taste freedom in as early as 2028.

Fif took to Instagram to boast about the news, but earlier today, it began to circulate that former Trump advisor Roger Stone had a bone to pick with the Rap mogul. In a brief video, Stone accused 50 Cent of cheating Big Meech and not adequately compensating him for his life rights, as Fif has helmed BMF, a forthcoming Starz series about the Meech's infamous Black Mafia Family. 

Roger Stone, 50 Cent, Big Meech
Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

The Power player bit back, calling Stone a "clout chasing c*ck sucker." Without batting an eye, Stone fired off another video where he reiterated that 50 Cent owes Big Meech.

"Hey, 50 Cent, you punk ass b*tch," he said. "I'm looking for attention? Dude, far more people know who I am than you were. So, why did you pay Big Meech anything? Why did you rip him off on his life rights? Just answer the question. How much did you pay him? Pay up, man. And get behind the effort to free Big Meech. It's time for justice.