Roger Stone, infamous political consultant and former advisor to President Donald Trump, says the President should declare martial law if he is to lose the election in November.

Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Martial LawDrew Angerer / Getty Images

Speaking with Alex Jones' far-right conspiracy website Infowars, Stone said Trump needs to appoint former Rep. Bob Barr as a special counsel "with the specific task of forming an Election Day operation using the FBI, federal marshals, and Republican state officials across the country to be prepared to file legal objections and if necessary to physically stand in the way of criminal activity."

He went on to say that ballots in Nevada, in particular, are compromised: "The ballots in Nevada on election night should be seized by federal marshals and taken from the state. They are completely corrupted. No votes should be counted from the state of Nevada if that turns out to be the provable case. Send federal marshals to the Clark county board of elections, Mr President!

"They wanna play war, this is war...I'm for a legal election. Everything I'm going to be involved with in terms of helping Donald Trump get elected will be perfectly transparent and legal," continued Stone. 

Trump has also expressed concern regarding the validity of mail-in-voting.