When it comes to how the Millers do business, they always make sure it's a family affair. Master P has been building a legacy for decades, even prior to the inception of No Limit. The mogul is a producer, label owner, designer, philanthropist, restauranteur, actor, motivational speaker, a former NBA player. The empire he's built hasn't been just for himself; Percy Miller has integrated his children into his business ventures so that he can create generational wealth through his lineage.

Romeo Miller Dad
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Master P's son Romeo Miller has been right by his father's side and they continue to build together. Yet, Romeo revealed on social media that people advised him not to work too closely with his father because it was hindering his growth, not helping. His Instagram post read, "A family doesn't have to be perfect; it just needs to be united." 

In the caption, Romeo expounded on that thought. "You’ll be surprised how many companies, business partners, and even people in the industry tried to tell me my togetherness and bond with my father and (family) is a weakness to my own greatness 😂🤥👿," penned Romeo. "Boy the devil is a liar hahaha. Better wake up! They know what we are capable of if we stick together. Do you?"

He added, "Through thick or thin, ain’t nobody turning me on my parents (some sh*t u gotta just take to the grave). No family is perfect, but we must stay united through the ways of this wicked world. God Got Me! . Exodus 20:12 #BlackExcellence #NoFamilyIsPerfect #ProsAndCons." Check out his post below.