Romeo praised both Soulja Boy and Bow Wow, following the two rapper's Verzuz showdown, Saturday night, squashing a longstanding beef between Romeo and Bow Wow. The iconic rapper even compared all three of them to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

“You inspired all of us up here,” Romeo said to Bow Wow.

He continued: “I have been waiting to tell you this for 20 years, my first song ‘My Baby,’ I put you on my song. The world put us against each other, but you the Michael Jordan, right? Every era has a Michael Jordan, a Kobe, and LeBron. You the Michael Jordan, you inspired all of us n**** up here. You need to your roses while you can smell ‘em. Me, I was Kobe where I didn’t have to be the most talented but I’ma work my ass off. I know my purpose.”

Bow Wow, Romeo
Vivien Killilea / Gett Images

From there, he turned to Soulja: “And Soulja, you was the LeBron of our era where you came and you was just the innovator you switched shit up. You had n***s wearing they name on their glasses. You deserve your roses too, man. So, this is what it’s about. At the end of the day we’re stronger together.”

Check out the clip of Romeo below.