In this past weekend’s Verzuz battle between Soulja Boy and Bow Wow, there was a third party with a more ridiculous thing to say than either of the previous two.

NOLA-based rapper Romeo went a little overboard, analogizing himself, Bow Wow and Soulja to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. For anyone who watches spor-; hell, for anyone who has not even the smallest idea about sports, this already sounds deranged.

In a recent interview with Fox Soul in the following days, it was only right that he went back on his word, but that's in part because of how people misinterpreted what he was trying to say. He explained himself on The Mix, saying, “I was saying, in our era, when I came out Bow was the first to do it, right? Which means he was like the MJ. When I came, I was that young hard-working kid who had to be the most talented. I worked my butt off, I was in the studio 24/7, and I made my own history. Kobe-ish.”

Romeo went on to pay homage to the rappers who came before any of those who appeared on that battle, likening Jay-Z to Jordan, Lil Wayne to Bryant, and Drake to James. He added to that, admitting, "I think Lil Wayne is the hardest worker in hip-hop."

More ridiculous than anything he could've said, though, is the fact that he got death threats because of it. People's affinity for Kobe Bryant, or any celebrity, for that matter, can truly show to be asinine.