Ronda Rousey knows first hand what it's like to lose a family member to suicide. Both her grandfather and father died as a result of suicide which is what's ignited her passion to be involved in suicide prevention initiatives. One of the ways the WWE wrestler and former UFC fighter is getting involved is by helping to open a brand new Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles. The daughter of Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers also lost her father to suicide and will be helping to open the center as well. The official name of the facility is the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center and will open on Friday, February 22nd, according to TMZ Sports.

Rousey spoke to TMZ Sports about the opening of the facility and what the cause means to her. She also provided a quick message for those who are going through a tough time. "My message that I would give is reach out don't tough it out," she explained.

In an interview with the Hollywood Medium, Rousey spoke about how she coped after the passing of her father.

"I remember when he passed, I would try to just tell myself he was on a business trip and he'd be back," she said. "That was my way to cope with it. I wouldn't be crying unless he was awesome. He was the best."