Ronda Rousey finally turned heel on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw - and she took back her championship gold for good measure.

The "Baddest Woman On The Planet" interrupted a contract signing segment between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair towards the end of Raw, then proceeded to attack Lynch even as the cameras went off the air.

Check out the footage below.

As part of the WWE storyline, Rousey relinquished the Raw Women's championship last week, which led to Stephanie McMahon setting up a Lynch vs Flair bout for the vacant title at WWE's Fastlane PPV this upcoming Sunday. 

However, Rousey's return last night resulted in McMahon changing the match stipulation. If Lynch is victorious this Sunday, as expected, she will be added to the Rousey vs Flair championship showdown at Wretlemania 35 next month. 

In addition to attacking the fan-favorite Becky Lynch in front of the Philadelphia crowd, Rousey also delivered an in-ring promo that cemented her heel turn.

“But no I’m done pretending. I’m no longer here to entertain you,” Rousey said during the final segment of RAW. “I’m not your dancing monkey, not anymore. Damn your fantasies, damn the man, screw the woo and no more Mrs. Nice  B****.”

Rousey and Lynch have a longstanding feud that has spilled over onto social media numerous times, most recently after last week's episode of Raw, in which Lynch was "arrested" for crashing a tag-team match involving the UFC Hall of Famer.