At the height of the drill movement taking over the globe, RondoNumbaNine was arrested and sentenced to 39-years in prison. The rapper was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2014 death of Javan Boyd along with Courtney Ealy. There have been updates over the past few years about his potential release, though nothing has ever materialized.

This year marks the seventh year of his 39-year sentence. A new photo of the rapper was posted to his Instagram page on Friday along with a message reflecting on his legacy in both hip-hop and the streets. "Been gone 7 still got that feelin in my heart still got that real shit in my veins," he wrote. At a time when people have tested the authenticity of street legends, Rondo Numba Nine explained that his time behind bars has allowed him to reflect on his resilience as a man. 

"I showed y’all I’m like no other (Rondonumbanine), just thinking about my legacy I had to zone all the way in dodge the hate but I showed I’m really that thru my daily activity’s," he continued before concluding that, regardless of what people have to say about him, he's always remained true to himself. "It wasn’t hard it wAs more like go more harder show em this shit run to deep," he wrote. "Put it like this u can hate on me and hate real or u can respect me and become more realer choose wisely cuz I ain’t letting up."

Check the post out below.