Prior to revealing that he and Rosario Dawson were in a committed relationship, some patrons were questioning Cory Booker's sexuality. Since those rumors have officially been put to rest, the couple hasn't been able to keep their hands off of each other or stop mentioning one another to the media. Cory Booker even revealed that he's entertaining the thought of marriage in the future with the Hollywood actress. And now, in a brand new cover story interview with Women's Health magazine, Rosario Dawson has revealed that she can't wait to continue her life's journey alongside her political lover for years to come. 

Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Since Cory Booker is no longer in the race for the Democratic Presidential candidate election, he's been able to cultivate a fruitful relationship with one of the most desired women on the entire planet. And its apparent being that Rosario Dawson couldn't help but praise the New Jersey senator during her Women's Health magazine interview stating:

"We are excited about what we can create together. I feel a lot of life ahead of us. It’s been beautiful feeling nurtured and taken care of. I’ve never been this close to someone. We make sure we connect. That’s something I’ve taken for granted in the past."

The Death Proof actress also exposed that she and Booker also have a morning ritual they share if they happen to be apart, telling the publication:

"Every morning that we don’t wake up together, he sends me a song... which means every morning he holds our relationship in his mind and heart for a few minutes before he goes off into his big day."

According to HollywoodLife, a secret source revealed that Cory Booker is adored by Rosario Dawson's family stating:

"He got along great with everyone. They both seem quite happy and her family seems to like him a lot."

From the looks of things, Cory Booker might have the opportunity to bag Rosario Dawson for the long haul if he continues to remain committed and making grand gestures for his significant other. Read Rosario Dawson's full Women's Health magazine interview, here