Sometimes it very much feels like we're witnessing a cataclysmic duel between Joe Budden and the rest of the planet. In this instance, he may have been right to show his displeasure. Budden didn't exactly take to the way Pete Rosenberg reported on XXXTentacion death soon after his passing, and voiced his displeasure on his podcast. Interestingly enough, he also took offence when DJ Akademiks made similar comments within the same time frame. Akademiks seemingly placed the blame on XXX or rather his antics, on the cause of his death. Budden also participated in a brief Twitter joust with Rosenberg, deeming it necessary to tell his fellow media personality to show a little bedside manner when reporting on death.

Rosenberg filed his most scathing response on air with Ebro in the Morning, issuing a gaslighting warning over Budden's emotional volatility. The Hot 97 host felt Budden was quick to jump on his tail, and would feel differently had he listened to full 20 minute segment where he spoke on XXXTentacion's passing. "You could have watched the 20 minute clip but instead you tried to play me to your audience just to get a little pop for your podcast," said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg saved his best for last, sarcastically referring to Budden as a "pro podcaster" and describing his emotional maturity with the following sentence: "Budden's got a Buddenhive, their emojis would be a cigarette, some timbalands and a syringe." Ebro sat in silence until it was his turn to speak, choosing to air on the side of caution. 

"With the XXX story right, Joe has had issues with drugs, Joe also has been jumped and he also had accusations of beating women, so maybe in this story he's sensitive to all that because he also has had issues in the public before," said Ebro as he tried to balance the discussion before it really turned ugly. Rosenberg had basically reduced Budden's career to one hot song and his career in journalism a misstep: "You're finished, just like your career, one song 15 years ago."

You can listen to the discussion in its entirety right here.