After Rowdy Rebel was arrested in 2014, alongside Bobby Shmurda and several other GS9 members, he was convicted and sentenced to jail. News of the group's arrest came at the height of their careers, which upset a lot of their fans. Ever since their incarceration, people have been waiting for them to get out, release new music, and bring back the energy they brought to the world when we first heard of them.

Earlier this year, there were rumblings that Bobby Shmurda might be released by the end of 2020, but following a court hearing, he was asked to finish out the remainder of his sentence. Bobby is scheduled to come home on December 11th, 2021. 

But it wasn't all bad news for fans of the Brooklyn crew, because a few days after Bobby was denied parole, his friend and labelmate, Rowdy Rebel, was released.  

Rowdy Rebel's release excited fans and artists alike, with a lot of them publicly sharing their excitement and well wishes. Young Thug previously claimed that he would have "something" for Rowdy and Bobby once they got out, and it was recently confirmed by Rowdy himself that Young Thugkept his promise

One of the first purchases Rowdy made after coming home was a giant demon pendant, inspired by a sketch he did while incarcerated. What we didn't know when we first saw the chain though, was that it actually glows in the dark. 

What are your thoughts on Rowdy's new ice, and are you excited for some new music from him?