NBA fans never thought they'd see the day Roy Hibbert was put back in service, but alas, the former Indiana Pacer is back the NBA's good graces after falling off a cliff unexpectedly in the 2015-16 season. Unfortunately, this feel-good story doesn't go as planned, for Hibbert isn't joining up with the Philadelphia 76ers as an active roster player.

Starting with immediate effect, Hibbert will be sworn in, in the type of role where joggers and ankle braces are of little importance. Hibbert is now a player development associate with the Sixers, where he'll be asked to aid in the development of superstar center Joel Embiid - and trust in "The Process."

If you'll recall, Roy Hibbert announced his retirement from professional basketball about a year ago. At the time, Hibbert was himself 1 year removed from his curtain call with the Denver Nuggets, wherein the modern NBA (of 2017) his rim protection proved inadequate. Upon his release, Hibbert toiled in the free-agent market to no avail, his lack of mid-range and perimeter acting as a deterrent to his cause.

And yet, in a specialized role, Hibbert will undoubtedly flourish as a mentor to the younger 76ers' squad members. Lest we forget, he was once highly regarded within the NBA as a defensive specialist, as evidenced by his runner-up berth in the 2014 DPOY voting in 2014, and his two All-Star selections in 2012 and 2014.