Royce Da 5'9, though as no-nonsense as they come, has proven rather adept at diplomacy. The Detroit lyricist recently played a pivotal role in squashing the beef between Eminem and Lord Jamar, acting as a mediator of sorts between both parties. Of course, his conversation with Jamar was not without backlash from some of the more hostile Stans, who took issue with the perceived notion of "fraternizing with the enemy." On that note, Royce's recent one-on-one meeting with Nick Cannon sparked a far more fiery response.

Though many understood the purpose behind Royce and Nick's meeting to be multifaceted, with some even theorizing that he'd aim to mediate another longstanding beef, others seemed to believe that betrayal had taken place. D12 member Bizarre opted to voice his own opinion, albeit relatively slyly, by way of a "shrug" emoji; of course, in that particular digital-speak, an image can paint quite the picture.

Royce, as expected, was having none of it. "You got sum'n you wanna say @bizarresworld?" he asks, opening the floor for elaboration. Clearly, Royce is ready to stand behind his recent meeting with Cannon, regardless of however the optics may be received by some. It should be noted that the extent of what we've received so far is only a picture -- should their conversation be released in a video or audio format, it's likely that the elephant in the room will be addressed head-on.

As of now, Bizarre has yet to respond to Royce's challenge. Though the pair have since been amicable, it should be noted that Royce and Bizarre have had a tense history at times, having beefed on wax in the early millennium. We can only hope that old wounds are not reopened in the wake of this tense exchange, and that through words, some middle ground can be reached. And who knows -- perhaps Royce Da 5'9" can actually squash the long-running beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon, and wouldn't that be something.