Nickel Nine normally puts his money where his mouth is, but he isn't convinced Tory Lanez has the same character build. After labelingJoyner Lucas the victor in his shortlived battle with Tory Lanez, Royce has seen his name go viral as a coincidence. The cynic in him was quick to point out the "trending effect" his war of words with Tory Lanez has given way to. To highlight the buzz created by his fanbase, Royce Da 5'9" threw up a Google Trending graph depicting him close to the very top of the hourly food chain, behind Bicycle manufacturer Bianchi. Besides the graph, Royce posted the following message to both his fans and his potential nemesis Tory Lanez: "Trending worldwide? That’s telling ... #ThatEscalatedFast."

Royce Da 5'9's reputation precedes him; he is as much a principled individual as he is a diligent "writer" or artist, cut from the very tradition of "battle-rap" Tory Lanez is currently trying to espouse with him at the center of it all. Royce's prideful side will likely see him test the limits of this arrangement - whether or not Tory Lanez ever intended on cutting him deep with insults. Tory Lanez like Royce Da 5'9" before him, understands that to do battle, there must be an instigating point.