Too often, we hear about rappers who are at odds. The art of "beefing" with another artist lyrically is a staple in Hip Hop culture, but fans have witnessed the spirit of competitive lyricism turning into street fights, and many rappers have lost their lives as a result. In recent years, there has been a movement to give artists their flowers while they're still here, and an old clip of Redman praising Royce Da 5'9" has been resurfaced by the Detroit emcee.

Back in 2016, Royce dropped his album Layers, and months later, Redman posted a clip to Instagram of himself in the car, jamming to one of the record's tracks, "Flesh." Redman was obviously impressed with Royce's skills and recently, Royce reposted the years-old clip along with a lengthy inspirational caption about life coming full circle.

Royce Da 5'9", Redman
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

"The more you achieve, the more you’ll realize how much sum’n like this means to you," wrote Royce. "I studied Redman like religion just so I could be reciprocal if I should ever one day have a chance to be… I needed this to be his reaction to me because this was always my reaction to him… We all experience our own subjective versions of perceived success but what are the people who cheer for us, celebrating?"

He added that even if he somehow lost his memory and mental faculties, he couldn't forget this moment. "I’m in a seat in the culture that I took from people who wouldn’t let me sit down and I got everything on everything I love out the Mud… In closing… Let my journey be a guide for those who weren’t quite prepared when opportunity first presented itself but can’t wait for the second things come full circle."

Rea through his caption in full below.