Though Ice Cube may have lulled the masses into a false state of security through his occasional family-friendly movies, affable nature, and sharp sense of humor, his roots as status-quo disrupting pot-stirrer must never be forgotten. Lest we forget, this is the very same man who wrote "Fuck The Police," a track that still carries weight and impact to this day. This is the same man who penned Amerikkka's Most Wanted back in 1991, a direct call out of the country's founding principles. Has Are We There Yet really left such an impact? 

Ice Cube

Scott Legato/Getty Images

No matter. The days of a docile Ice Cube appear to have been brought to a swift and decisive end. A few days ago, Cube took to social media to let fly a barrage of posts rallying against systematic racism, anti-black behavior, and the American police system. Though some of his chosen stances did draw outrage, with some accusing the rapper of holding anti-semitic views, others appreciated Cube's return to the fight. And from the look of it, the legendary rapper isn't about to back down, proudly standing by his messages.

It didn't take long for Cube's onslaught to spark a mini-controversy, and while many were quick to voice outrage over his conduct, Royce Da 5'9" was content to sit back and watch it unfold with glee. No stranger to the fight against racism himself, Nickle took a moment to address the White people offended by Cube's Twitter spree. "Dear White People... Thank you for reactivating Ice Cube.... On behalf of the culture, we are extremely grateful," he writes, making it clear that he stands with the N.W.A. legend.