If it was attention that Lil Pump was looking for, he received it. The trolling rapper often leans on ridiculous antics to grab the spotlight, and fresh off of his "Trump 2020" campaign fiasco and fake kid news, Pump is back. This time, he has his target set on Eminem for an unknown reason—other than to take aim at one of the world's most celebrated rappers with the hopes of becoming a trending topic. We're unsure if Eminem is aware of Pump's tirade, but we know Royce Da 5'9" certainly is.

"F*ck Eminem, you is lame as hell, ain't nobody listening to your old ass," said Lil Pump in a viral video. "You lame as f*ck, b*tch! I woke up on bullsh*t today, I'm back on my f*ck sh*t." We shared the clip to our HNHH IG page and Royce slid in our comment section to drop off a warning to the "Gucci Gang" hitmaker.

"I’ll slap them glasses so far off his face, they’ll land in a whole nother genre," penned Royce. "Not cuz I’m mad but just cuz I’m exhausted with all the tuff talk from all these harmless creatures ... Enjoy yourself. You actually make money off blatant misappropriation while not being really good at anything." Check out the posts above and below.