Rudy Giuliani has been President Donald Trump's main man for the past few years now, and while the President has plenty of confidence in the former mayor of New York, it's clear that he hasn't exactly been a beacon of professionalism over the past few weeks. After being duped into making a fool out of himself in the new Borat movie, Giuliani has been tasked with finding the evidence necessary to carry forth all of the lawsuits being filed in relation to the election results.

Giuliani's efforts have led to various losses throughout the country, and today, he took to the podium where he claimed that there seems to be some new evidence to corroborate the President's assertions. So far, it remains to be seen how far that evidence will go in court, although everyone seemed to be more fixated on Giuliani's hair, which appeared to be leaking oil, as seen in the tweets below.

Many quickly realized that Giuliani's sweat was forcing his hair dye to leak, which is quite the embarrassing thing to happen when you're on national TV. Regardless, Giuliani eventually took his towel and wiped it all off after realizing that he was sweating just a bit too much.

As you can imagine, Twitter quickly caught wind of Giuliani's mishap, leading to some pretty hilarious commentary, that you can check out below. Hopefully, moving forward, Giuliani lets his hair dye set in before going on TV.