From the days of being America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani's reputation slowly dwindled over the years but it became a rapid decline once he aligned himself with Donald Trump. In the chronicles of Ukrainegate which Trump and other Republicans began pushing throughout the election, Giuliani was the one reportedly pushing Ukraine into investigating Hunter Biden's business dealings. 

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Per CBS News, the feds did a sweep on Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan apartment as part of the Ukraine investigation that's been underway for the past two years. The investigation pertains to Giuliani's dealings with Ukraine in regards to whether he lobbied politicians from the country. These investigations on Biden were called for during his time as Trump's personal attorney. 

The New York Times reports that electronic devices were seized when federal agents executed a search warrant on Giuliani's apartment on Madison Ave. and his office on Park Ave.

To add salt to the injury, Giuliani also became subject to online humiliation at the hands of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Y'know, the same place where Giuliani held a press conference after Trump lost the election. The landscaping company shared a photo of federal agents leaving from the same garage door where Giuliani and co. held the press conference. "Wrong apartment. We kicked him out months ago," the tweet reads.

Giuliani's lawyer has not issued a response and a rep for the Manhattan US Attorney's office declined to comment.