Rudy Gobert has been catching a lot of slander over the past year and it doesn't feel like it is going to stop anytime soon. Of course, most of the slander has to do with his infamous COVID-19 diagnosis from back in March although more recently, some fans have been claiming that Gobert doesn't actually do much on the court. After receiving a massive $200 million payday, Gobert has been under a microscope and some former players are taking their shots.

One of those players is none other than Shaq, who has been issuing a full-on assault when it comes to Gobert. In fact, Shaq dropped an IG post this morning that took shots at Gobert and his skillset. Upon reading the post, Gobert took to Twitter where he replied to the drama.

"There is no beef," Gobert said. "If people wanna keep speaking negatively about me or keep discrediting what i do it’s on them and all that does is show who they are. I will always be happy for a brother beating the odds. And i’m gonna keep beating the odds."

Based on this post, it's clear that Gobert doesn't want to drag this out any longer, especially considering the fact Shaq is a known hater who always tries to bring other big-men down. At this point, all Gobert can really do is ignore it because if he engages, he has no chance at winning.