Rudy Gobert became a punchline the night of March 11th when it was revealed that he had tested positive for Coronavirus and singlehandedly led to the entire shut down of the NBA. Gobert had been reckless about the disease prior to his positive test and it led people to use him as a sort of scapegoat. In fact, there are reports circulating that teammate Donovan Mitchell is incredibly upset with Gobert and that they won't be able to salvage their relationship.

It appears as though things are actually worse than that. The Athletic is also reporting that Gobert has completely stopped talking to the Jazz as an organization. With this in mind, it's clear things could be over for the two sides when play eventually starts back up again.

“Not only is Rudy [Gobert] non-communicative with Donovan Mitchell, he’s largely not communicating with the Jazz right now, either," reporter Tony Jones said.

Gobert's reported position shouldn't be shocking. Many left Gobert out to dry over this whole thing and he quickly became the face of what not to do during a pandemic. He has been treated as a dunce for weeks now and the Jazz haven't tried to defend him at all. Not to mention, there isn't even confirmation that he gave Mitchell the virus in the first place.

Over the coming weeks, this situation is bound to get more interesting.