Every single year, Jumpman comes out with a brand new silhouette of the Air Jordan line. Fans are always intrigued for this new model as it brings forth some new technology and, of course, a unique design. Over the last few years, the brand has been dropping shoes that correspond with the model that came out 30 years before, so as you can imagine, this means the Air Jordan 37 would replicate the Air Jordan 7.

In a new schematic posted by the sneaker account @23mj88, it would appear as though this trend remains true. Throughout this post, we can see that Jumpman is going for the geometric aesthetics of the 7, all while offering up some new technology to make this shoe stand out. Among the features here are the Formula 23 Heel Foam, Double Stacked Forefoot zoom, AJ 7 Inspired Fit, Leno Weave Upper, and Carbon Fibre Shank. These elements all come together to create an exciting shoe that sneakerheads will want to see more pictures of.

For now, there is no release date for this shoe, so stay tuned to HNHH as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest news and updates from around the sneaker world. As always, let us know what you think, in the comments below.