There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Cardi B’s new song “Be Careful,” but it doesn't look to be too credible. Not long after the single surfaced, an old clip surfaced of the artist Pardison Fontaine rapping lyrics to “Be Careful” over the same beat (see below). Many people thought Cardi had straight up stole the record from him, since the footage of him rapping was from a year ago, but thanks to some detective work from Complex, it turns out that may not be the case after all. In fact, it appears to be some miscommunication.

As pointed out, Cardi B and Pardison have worked together in the past, and Cardi even appeared in one of Fontaine’s music videos, which you can see some studio sessions from (below).

In addition to that, some people on Twitter noticed that Fontaine wasn’t credited on the track either, as his name doesn’t appear on the list of writers; however, that’s not true either. It turns out Fontaine is the alias of Jordan Thorpe, who is also credited on Cardi’s Grammy-nominated record “Bodak Yellow.” Trademark filings show Fontaine and Thorpe are the same individual, which means Cardi couldn't steal a song that he’s credited on. 

This all comes on the heels of more rumors that Cardi B was beefing with Kehlani, but those too have been debunked as well (see here). So while someone was trying pretty hard to bring Cardi down on Friday, it doesn't look like it worked.

We'll continue to keep you posted on all the latest with her moving forward. Invasion Of Privacy drops next Friday.