It's difficult to classify Run The Jewels as a political hip-hop ground. Despite Killer Mike's activism, they tend to keep their music separate from their ideologies. That's not to say songs like "Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck" and "Early" aren't infused with powerful social and political messages. It's merely that El and Mike are equally inclined to paint fantasy and science-fiction inspired tapestries, ripe with orcs and aliens. In that regard, RTJ stand among the game's most unique and creative duos. Therefore, it's always nice to see them land some prime television time.

Last night, Jamie and Mike swung by to chop it up with their old friend Stephen Colbert, for a performance of their RTJ 3 track "Thursday In The Danger Room.” No lip syncing necessary. Amidst a sea of blue light, both rappers come through with a heartfelt delivery of the powerful track, holding it down for the jewel runners nationwide. If we're lucky, RTJ will be back by year's end; lord knows we could use another dose.

In the interim, EL-P has managed to secure a gig scoring a new Al Capone biopic called Fonzo. Give credit where credit is due. As for Mike, he's found himself in a little bit of hot water over recent political conversations; to his credit, he's managed to retain his dignity and eloquence, even amidst a sea of criticism. Shout out to Run The Jewels