It's not like artists are able to tour, or go to the studio (let alone leave their house) right now, so as you can imagine, plenty of artists are using this isolation time as an opportunity to work on new music, and share it with the fans. Some are putting on nightly IG live performances, interviewing fellow celebs on Live, or hosting insane competitions like Tory Lanez.

Among the rappers who are sharing in-the-moment updates on whatever it is they're working, there is the always-working Russ. Russ has been emblematic of the idiom that hard work pays off, after he essentially blew himself up when he went on an ambitious journey to drop one song a week for a year. It's become common knowledge that the man is disliked among hip-hop masses, and apparently we can count the talented producer slash singer Childish Major in that camp.

Russ Childish major beef

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

When Russ shared a video, innocently enough, that was captioned "bring soul samples back 2020." Childish re-shared with a comment, "Lol un quantize everything and it’ll be good." It wasn't too firey, let's be real, and it's unclear what exactly the tone is in his tweet. When a fan in reply to Childish said that they no longer listen to Russ, because Guapdad said so (stemming to the two's own beefing issues), Guap jumped right in to confirm this as fact: "Period."

Russ, perhaps always on the defensive, spoke back to Childish Major in a subtweet, and eventually, Boi-1da also chimed in, supporting Russ.

Childish replied from there, asking Russ to lighten up a bit. Maybe it was just a misconstrued light-hearted joke all along? Check out the banter below.