Russ plans on one day living on a remote island with limitless resources, a locale only detectable vis-à-vis the stealthiest of radar. But before he isolates himself on an island with "a plethora of women" he'll make darn sure his mom is spoken for. The divisive rap personality just purchased his mother a 2nd home, the "beach house," the treasure part of the collection he wants for himself, but has offered to his flesh and bone in an act of heartfelt reciprocity. 

"Bought another house for my mom but this is the one that I’ve been looking forward to my whole life...the beach house!!!!! You finally get to live at the beach whenever you want like we always talked about. I love you," he wrote to his mother.

Russ whose family upbringing has become a subject of conversation for critics who focus negatively on his perceived "privilege," was born in New Jersey, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent his formative years. Say what you will about his smugness, his overall aesthetic, or the manner in which "he speaks over" interviewers when in conversation, but Russ' purchase of beach house estate for his mother is one of the good books.