Ever since he declared himself to be the King Of SoundCloud, Russ has been steadily enjoying the spoils of a kingly lifestyle. Though the rapper has amassed no shortage of haters throughout his career, Russ has remained unwavering in sticking to his principles, even if it meant doling out beatdowns to those who dared disrespect his good name free of consequence. Now, many have come to respect his take on the music industry, viewing him as a spokesperson for independent excellence. All things considered, it's a well-earned title -- with plenty of receipts to prove it. 

Ab-Soul Russ

Paras Griffin/WireImage/Getty Images

Today, Russ came through to offer a take on the rap game, stepping up to give flowers to an emcee who doesn't always receive. AB SOUL IS ONE OF THE BEST RAPPERS EVER," he writes, a major co-sign to the elusive TDE lyricist, also known as the Abstract Asshole. Now, given that Soulo hasn't bolstered his catalog in a minute, it stands to reason that Russ has been revisiting some of his earlier work, be it Control System, These Days..., or Do What Thou Wilt. Either way, he deems it high time to put some respect on Soul's name.

While Soul himself didn't respond to the lofty praise, Royce Da 5'9" hit the comments section to validate Russ' take with a simple [Facts], depicted as an emoji. And remember, Rapsody previously stepped up to issue a similar validation of Soulo's lyrical prowess, deeming him to be a "God MC." Naturally, Russ' comments sparked a debate in its own right, and before long Soul's entire career was under a microscope. Where do you stand on the matter? Does Ab-Soul deserve a seat at the "Best Rappers Ever" table?