Russ Finds Himself Trapped In "Hard For Me" Music Video

Alexander Cole
March 07, 2021 10:14

Russ delivers a unique concept in his brand new music video for "Hard For Me."

Russ has been known for his smooth self-produced tracks that have captivated audiences all around the world. Russ knows how to sell out entire stadiums and tracks like "Hard For Me" provide the content that keeps his fans coming back. Recently, the artist decided to deliver a music video for the song which fits the concept of the lyrics. The song is about a relationship in which Russ is giving it his all while the other person hardly reciprocates the feelings. In this video, this is exactly what Russ depicts.

As you can see, Russ is in a futuristic room where his significant other is trapped in a glass enclosure. Russ does everything he can to get her out of the case, and eventually, that's exactly what he does. Eventually, however, Russ is placed in the case where his oxygen is lowering. The woman just looks at him and doesn't try to get him out, which fits with the theme of a one-sided relationship.

You can check out the entire video, above.

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