Instead of the push-up challenge -- which is still definitely a good thing to try out while in quarantine -- Gillie Da Kid decided to establish the "Kush Up" challenge. Effectively, it's the same exercise except, instead of working out your chest and arms, you're giving your lungs an uphill battle.

Unless you're an experienced smoker, we don't suggest trying out the Kush Up challenge. Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg accepted the competition without a second thought but, then again, they always have a joint placed between their fingers. Russ is an avid smoker, but he's not at the level that Wiz Khalifa holds himself at so when the latter invited the rapper to join the fun, he nearly ended up coughing his lungs out.

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"Ay @wizkhalifa why tf did you nominate me for this," asked Russ in a video upload to Instagram. "I almost died."

In the clip, the stages of discomfort that Russ encounters are visible on his face. At first, he doesn't have an issue but as he nears his limit, a scowl grows on his lips before he's forced to exhale quickly and presumably have a cough attack.

"I nominate no one because I will not subject anyone else to this suffering," added the artist.

Despite failing the challenge, Wiz Khalifa is still impressed with Russ, voicing his approval in the comments.