Love him or hate him Russ is arguably one of the industry's biggest winners -- and he's got the bank receipts to prove it. A known advocate for music ownership and the independent route, Russ has tirelessly championed for artists to consider all options before signing away rights and publishing on the dotted line. It's a crusade that has won him respect from his peers, and even those who don't listen to his music tend to respect his hustle and business acumen.

Russ DJ Premier

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Don't get it twisted, however -- Russ has already received co-signs from plenty of hip-hop heavy hitters. Jay-Z put his "Best On Earth" single on his year-end-Tidal playlist. Scott Storch has frequently laced him with production. Now, DJ Premier has joined the ranks as the latest to connect with Russ on wax. The rapper took to Twitter to preview a new single, one that appears to be produced entirely by the legendary beatmaker.

"The last thing that my ego needs is rappin on a Preemo beat," spits Russ, gliding over Preem's sampled banger. "Won't see me begging for a seat I built my own damn table, distribute this myself I built my own damn label." Premier himself slid into the replies with some praise, warning the masses that it's "BOUT DAT TIME" for this one to arrive. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a proper release date, but expect this one to surface in the imminent future. Are you excited to hear Russ over some DJ Premier production?