Russ is one of the industry's silent killers. Even if you're not a fan of the 28-year-old Atlanta-bred artist, you still have to give him his props. He has very impressively managed to retain ownership of all his masters and independence, earning the rapper more money than he would ever see with a label deal. In a new interview with B. Dot, Russ discusses releasing 15 singles this year and dropping two EPs, his emotional journey through quarantine, and how the pandemic has not put a dent in his pockets as it did for many other artists.

Paras Griffin/Revolt/Getty Images 

"I'm fortunate because I've set up my career to be pandemic proof," explained Russ in the new interview. "...not that when I was setting up my career I was like "in case a pandemic happens," he clarifies, "but it's pandemic proof via mailbox money, you know, and via ownership and owning my masters and things like that, so. TuneCore checks didn't stop, like, if anything I've made more money on TuneCore this year than I did last year because I was able to record more, which means I was able to put out more, and I went fully independent." 

Russ' calm demeanor throughout the interview earned him distinct praise from fans, who noted they have a newfound respect for the "Best on Earth" artist. The rapper showed love to B. Dot regarding the intimate interview's format in a tweet, praising the setup. "New B Dot interview the best one I’ve been apart of," he affirmed. He continued by adding, "Might have to start doin all future interviews at the house from now on."

Check out the full-length interview between Russ and B. Dot below!