Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russell Okung is set to become the first NFL player to have their salary paid in Bitcoin. Half of the two-time Pro Bowler's $13 million contract will be paid in the viral cryptocurrency. 

Russel OkungJacob Kupferman / Getty Images

Okung first teased that he was looking to move in this direction, last year, when he tweeted, "Pay me in Bitcoin."

Its mission accomplished for Okung who quote tweeted his own post on Tuesday to say "Paid in Bitcoin."

"I’m freeing myself from fiat," he added. "You can too."

Russell has spoken highly of the cryptocurrency throughout recent years. In December, he tweeted, "Some are in Bitcoin to be another version of Wall Street, I’m in it for radical sovereignty."

In September 2019, he explained, "So many purchase Bitcoin to become cash rich, I bought it to be free from cash."

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie, who began surgery on a torn ACL recently, was the first professional athlete to have a portion of his pay come in the form of Bitcoin. In May 2020, he started a GoFundMe where fans could raise money in bitcoin to influence which team he signs with after the end of his contract.

Okung inked a four-year, $53 million deal back in 2017.